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My name is Paul Chisholm, I am a Certified Nutritional Health Coach. I specialize in Nutrition as it relates to Substance Abuse Recovery. My mission is to provide those in the process of Recovery the Nutritional Component. It is well known that maintaining a healthy body is a major part of the Recovery Process.


I am also a Graduate Chef of the French Culinary Institute. I have been a personal chef for over 15 years. I have cooked for such people as Will Smith, Mike Bantom (NBA), and some politicians. One of the secrets of preparing nutritious food is making it “Pleasing to the Palate”. As your Coach we will plan together the best approach to arrive at your intended goals.

Contact me at for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to assess your needs and meet your nutritional health and recovery goals.


Certified Nutritional Health Coach-Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

Graduate Chef-French Culinary Institute

Captain, U S Army Retired

B.S. Biology-Virginia Union University

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To help those in recovery within the substance abuse community regain their nutritional status after years of using drugs and alcohol. Through nutritional guidance and accountability, they will receive the tools necessary to improve their care and wellbeing.

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine be our food- Hippocrates


To secure a better understanding of nutrition and supplements that will give them the tools and confidence they need to reduce or prevent illnesses, saving the health care industry millions of dollars each year.

“ Good nutrition will prevent 95%of all diseases- Linus Pauling

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